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Omicrex is an online exchange platform where you can buy/sell cryptocurrencies as well as monitor your cryptocurrency holdings easily with real time pricing.

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At Omicrex you will get advanced market technology with the best pricing. We dedicate ourselves to provide you the best trading experience!

What you can find at omicrex?

Buy/sell Cryptocurrency

Buy and sell cryptocurrency with affordable, transparent commissions. Commissions start at 0.25% and go as low as 0% for market makers. Get full access immediately!

Trade cryptocurrency

Start trading cryptocurrencies at Omicrex using our advanced market technology. All your cryptocurrency trading profit can be easily transferred to your bank account or cryptowallets at your request.

Fast track verification

At Omicrex we dedicate ourselves to provide quick account approval within 24 hours. Our team will work with you to get your account approved as quickly as possible.

Trading platforms

TickTrader Desktop Terminal

TickTrader Desktop Terminal is an ultimate all-in-one trading application combining professional tools with fully customizable interface. It has a high-level functionality and opens access to both marginal trading and exchange of FX and Crypto instruments with low latency.

TickTrader Web Terminal

Accessible, easy to use and professional terminal. No need to install any software on your devices - just open TickTrader Web Terminal in your browser and start trading!

TickTrader Mobile Terminal

TickTrader Mobile Terminal gives you access to the ultimate trading experience wherever you are. User-friendly interface combined with high-end trading tools provides immense possibilities for effective trading. Currently available for Android OS.

Our Benefits

Deposit/Withdrawal options

Deposit and withdraw your coins with us quickly and securely. We also accept deposits/withdrawals in EUR and USD either by bank wire or debit/credit card. You can withdraw at any time. Please note that all withdrawals are subject to network fees or wire transfer fees.

Our Fees

Our fees to buy and sell digital currencies start at 0.25% and go as low as 0% for market makers. Whether you are a coin purchaser or a high volume trader, we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.

About Omicrex

Omicrex was developed to bring high quality trading technology as well as superior support to the cryptocurrency exchange market. We dedicate ourselves to customer support, compliance and security to provide the ultimate trading environment for you.